Amplificator Yamaha DSP-A 970

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Amplificator Yamaha DSP-A 970 - 9 intrari, 8 iesiri, impedanta 4-16 ohmi, 430 W consum din retea, afisajul, 2 boxe pe centru, negru, reglaje bass, inalte, balance, foarte greu, dolby surround, pro logic, arata si functioneaza bine.

Features (small selection):

Main speaker, front: 75 + 75 W minimum output power at 6 ohms, THD: 0,01 5%
Center speaker: 75 W minimum output power at 6 ohms, THD: 0,01 5%
front effect speakers: 25 + 25 W minimum output power at 6 ohms, THD: 0,03 %
rear effect speaker: 25 + 25 W minimum output power at 6 ohms, THD: 0,03 %
Sine wave output power: 105 + 105 W into 4 Ohms
THD: max. 0,01 %
Damping factor: more than 100
Power consumption: 280 W
23 preset sound fields that simulate different premises:
Concert Hall 1 (a) large concert hall in Munich, 2500 seats b) rectangular Concert Hall, with mahogany paneled)
Concert Hall 2 (a) nut approx. 1700 classic, rectangular Concert Hall seats b) Concert Hall in the United States)
Concert Hall 3 (a) classical concert hall with a round stage in the center b) Live Concert, round concert hall)
Church (cruciform church in Tokyo, reverberation time of 2,5 seconds)
Rock Concert (a) The Roxy Theatre: ideal for dynamic rock music, b) Arena: strong, powerful sound)
Jazz Club (a) jazz club in New York in a typical cellar, b) Cellar Club (small jazz club with a low ceiling)
TV Theater 1 (a) Game / Amusement, recommended especially for video games b) Karaoke: you feel at the center of the stage offset)
TV Theater 2 (a) Drama b) Variety / Sports)
Concert Video (a) Classical / Opera b) Pop / Rock)
Video Theater (a) Fantasy: reverberations, b) Classic film is especially suitable for old mono movies)
Movie Theater (suitable for media that are marked with Dolby Surround: 70 mm Adventure / General)
Dolby Pro Logic Surround * (Normal and enhanced)
gilded AUX 2 (S-Video, Video, Audio) jacks on the front)
gold plated headphone jack
nice display, the information, eg on selected sound field etc. displays
Wired AC outlet (max. 100 W)
richly connection options on the back (see pictures)
Dimensions: 435 x 151.5 x 408,5 mm (width x height x depth)
Weight: 14 kg

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