Boxe Revox AX 4-3

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Boxe Revox AX 4-3 - pe 3 cai, bass tip compresie, diamentru difuzor bass de 24 cm, suspensie din cauciuc, cutii din lemn, maro, impedanta 4 ohmi, putere 60/80 W, Made in Gemrany, mici zgarieturi, nu au plase de protectie, difuzoare de tip Isophon. Dimensiuni incinta: H 56, L 31,5, A 25 CM. Suna foarte bine.



The all-new ReVox-quality loudspeakers show the direct connection between high musicality and strict technical precision in an eye-catching and eye-catching way. A loudspeaker box is then - and only then - of high quality, if it allows a musical reproduction without restriction; in any room, at any volume and, most importantly, even for hours of listening.




ReVox AX 4-3

In this point, one should not indulge in any illusion; any box sounds good with 'their' music for a short time, because effective presences can be amazing at the moment ... and unbearable in the long run.

But how do you recognize a musical loudspeaker box? Definitely not only on the technical data, because these - also honest and unaltered, always refer to objective, metrologically reproducible procedures. The subjective assessment can be determined by extensive listening tests well, but not in numbers express.

Thus, there is only one possibility: Let ReVox speakers demonstrate, compare with different music, pay attention to the sound of individual instruments and above all, do not just compare for a short time. What you will then recognize is the pleasant balance of ReVox speakers and their clear transparency. This is based on the total freedom from audible distortions and high-grade linearity.

ReVox AX 4-3 - Technical Notes

Baffle and housing

A look at the technology of the ReVox AX 4-3 shows first of all striking, 14 kg stability. Baffle and housing with glued rear wall are made of high-density compressed wood, so that no audible resonances occur even when operating at high power.

As a front panel, open - pored, dark brown foam was chosen, which is superior by its frequency neutrality any fabric or metal covering, which is easy to clean, and also unobtrusively represents the perfection of the box.

The ReVox AX 4-3 is designed as a passive three-way system. Thus, high load capacity and overload reserve could be realized with high sensitivity. Even with the extremely low clamping voltage of 1V (0.25 W), the Box AX 4-3 generates a sound pressure of more than 80 dB . This means that even in extreme applications no "power plant" of amplifiers is required.

ReVox AX 4-3

The precisely defined audio range allocation to the various loudspeaker systems takes place via a frequency divider with high-quality and aging-resistant components. For example, the restrictors consist exclusively of expensive, solid copper wire.

The particularly important low-frequency system - a ReVox in-house development - is also produced in our own loudspeaker factory. This bass system has a particularly long diaphragm stroke; the specially plastic-coated membrane works from the lowest frequencies to teilschwingunsfrei.

This membrane is driven by a voice coil with light metal carrier. Thus, the whole system is thermally extremely high load capacity and works very precisely at the same time with extremely low distortion. In addition, the high field strength of the magnet achieved excellent efficiency and good damping behavior.

The midrange speaker is a spherical system with a spherical membrane. This has a high load capacity and also has an extremely wide beam angle. The above-mentioned criteria are also met by the high-power dome spotlight, whose beam angle at 16,000 Hz is still 100 ° and whose transmission range extends far beyond the hearing threshold.

The text for this article was taken from the ReVox Speaker Prospectus for the 1970's ReVox AX 4-3 model .

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