Boxe Mordaunt Short Pageant Series 2

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  Boxe Mordaunt Short Pageant Series 2 : pe 2 cai, diametru bass de 20 cm, suspensii din cauciuc, bass tip reflex, impedanta 8 ohmi, reglaje medii/inalte, au suporti metalici, plase de protectie, cutiile au fost vopsite, 50 W program, poze reale, dimensiuni H=53cm, L=33cm, A=23cm, inaltime cu tot cu suport 79 cm, made in United Kingdom, poze reale.

Nominal Frequency Range: 25-25,000 Hz.

Specific Frequency Response: 65-20,000 Hz. +/-3dB.

Acoustic Balance Controls: Independent toggle switches affording four
choices of frequency response: Mid-frequency: level or -2dB, 1000-3,500 Hz.
High frequency: level or -2dB, 3,500-25,000 Hz.

Impedance: 8 Ohms nominal. For use with amplifiers of 4-8 Ohms output

Sensitivity: 6.5V r.m.s (5.3 watts) to produce 96dB at 1 metre in anechoic conditions using pink noise.

Maximum Sound Pressure Level: 110dB in typical listening-room.

Continuous Programme Rating: 20V r.m.s (50 watts) contoured random noise,
including transients up to 56V peak to peak.

Amplifier Power Compatibility: 15-100 watts per channel. Amplifiers of
higher power may be used with care.

Distortion: Substantally less than 1% total harmonic distortion within
frequency range of 150-25,000 Hz at 6.5V r.m.s input (nominal 96dB sound
pressure level).

Fundamental System Resonance: 65 Hz.

Dividing Frequency: 3,500 Hz.

Filter Characteristics: Low pass: 12dB/octave. High pass: 18dB/octave.
Condition as per pictures - 2nd last pic = generic

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