Deck Denon DN-T 620

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Cd Player-Deck Denon DN-T 620: iesiri balansate, afisaj pozitionat central, Acces Direct, Pitch Control, Dolby B,C, senzor de telecomanda, multple functii si setari, arata si functioneaza OK, made in Japan

Pitch Control (CD: + 12%, cassette: + 12%)

Simultaneous playback of CD and cassette
CD: Program playback up to 99 tracks
Cassette: Autoreverse
Mixed playback of CD and cassette without input switching on the amplifier
Chinch jacks and balanced XLR inputs and outputs
CD section: Frequency response: 20 - 20000 Hz
CD Part: Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.009%
CD part: Signal-to-noise ratio: 98 dB
CD part: Dynamic absorption: 86 dB
CD section: Channel separation: 70 dB
CD part: Asymmetrical output: Cinch socket
CD-part: Synmmetric output: 3-pol. XLR
CD section: Variable speed control: Max. + 12%
CD part: Unit search accuracy: 1/75 second
CASSETTE DECK PART: Heads: Recording / playback head (hard permolly) x 1
CASSETTE DECK PART: Variable (PLAY): approximately + 12% or more
CASSETTE COVER PART: Fast-forward, rewind time: about 110 sec (C60)
CASSETTE DECK: Total signal-to-noise ratio: 60 dB
CASSETTE COVER PART: Coordinate fluctuations: 0.08%
CASSETTEDECK-PART: Asymmetrical input cable: Cinch-Buchse
CASSETTEDECK-PART: Symmetrical input cable: 3-pol. XLR
CASSETTE DECK: Asymmetrical output cable: Cinch socket
CASSETTEDECK-PART: Symmetrical output cable: 3-pol. XLR
Weight: 6 kg

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