CD Player Technics SL-P 333

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Cd Player Technics SL-P 333: optical out, acces direct, senzor pentru telecomanda, JogSystem, iesire casti cu volum separat, multiple functii, prezinta unele zgarieturi, functioneaza OK, made in Japan.

The compact disk player which carries 4DAC linear 18bit conversion system and an edit function.

4DAC linear 18bit conversion system is adopted as a D-A-conversion part.
In this circuitry, 4DAC stream compositions which used the digital analog converter only for of Lch and each Rch the Masanobu number and for only a negative signal are adopted, and zero cross distortion is theoretically eliminated by compounding only a fraction with the sufficient linearity of each signal by the differential amplifier.
Furthermore, adoption of the high-resolution 4fs digital filter is raising the play capacity of the minute level signal.

In order to reduce the ill effect by the oscillation from a floor, while adopting four large-sized insulators, r floating is using the optical deck as a spring in the chassis by the double insulator by viscoelasticity material.
Moreover, the BMC base which has the outstanding periodic-damping property in an optical deck part is adopted, and the high vibration proof effect has been acquired.

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