Deck Sony TC-WR 465

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Deck Sony TC-WR 465: culoare neagra, autoreverse pe ambele parti, DC Servo control motor, dolby B,C, HX PRO, senzor pentru telecomanda, arata si functioneaza foarte bine.

Vintage : 1994 model
-:®:- System : 4-track 2-channel stereo
-:®:- Fast winding : 150seconds for C-60 tape
-:®:- Signal to noise ratio: (peak level, Dolby off): Type I tape: 55dB, Type II tape: 57dB, Type IV metal: 58dB
-:®:- Signal to noise NR improvement : (Dolby B on): 5dB at 1kHz, 10dB at 10kHz, (Dolby C on): 15dB at 500Hz, 20dB at 1kHz
-:®:- Harmonic distortion : 0.4% (Type I tape), 1.8% (metal)
-:®:- Frequency response : Type I tape: normal: 30Hz to 15kHz, Type II tape: high: 30Hz to 17kHz,
-:®:- Type IV metal: 30 to 18kHz (all ± 3dB, IEC, Dolby Off)
-:®:- Wow and flutter : ± 0.15% W. Peak (IEC), 0.1% {W. RMS), ± 0.2% W. Peak (DIN)
-:®:- Input sensitivity / impedance : 0.16V / 47kohms
-:®:- Outputs : 0.5V at load of 47kohms, load impedance: over 10kohms headphones: 1mW at 32ohms
-:®:- Dimensions [W x H x D]: 430 x 123 x 305mm
-:®:- Weight : 4kg, ~ 5.5kg packed

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