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Pick up Denon DP 21 F: made in JAPAN, capac de protectie, direct Drive, doza si ac originale DL 60, speed 33/45, Cueing, Antiskating, full automatic, microprocessor controled, repeat om/off, size 17/30, quartz lock, arata si functioneaza foarte bine.

Denon DP-21F
2-Speed Fully-Automatic Turntable


The Denon DP-21F is a fully auto, direct drive turntable with microprocessor control.

The tonearm drive system, the most critical element of an automatic tonearm, is fully microprocessor without mechanical contact.

A straight lightweight tonearm extracts the maximum performance of today's light, high-compliance cartridges.

Denon's quartz speed control system assures highly stable and accurate rotation.

Soft-touch push-buttons, flush with the front panel allow maximum convenience with a minimum of intrusion.

Drive system: linear drive motor, direct drive

Wow and flutter: 0.02% WRMS (servo)

Signal to noise ratio: 75dB

Dimensions: 434 x 105 x 360mm

Weight: 5kg

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