Amplificator Andersson R1

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Amplificator Andersson R1: 5 intrari, 6 iesiri, intrare 7.1, optic si coaxial input, 320W consum din retea, 4-16 ohmi, afisaj centru, jog system, DTS, dolby digital, pro logic II X, radio cu RDS, EON, PTY, memorii, arata si functioneaza foarte bine.

Andersson R1
Strong 6-channel home theater receiver from Anderson of very high class providing you with all the strength and control necessary for a high quality home theater system. Output at full qualitative 6x130 Watt DIN 4 ohms. This allows you to easily move heavy and otherwise hard-driven speakers without compromising sound quality.

6-channel system allows you to put together a really good home theater with three channels front and three at the back. Normally, two rear speakers in a home theater system, but with a sexkanalsförstärkare you can use a center speaker in between the two rear speakers. Do you think it's enough with five channels, so that's fine. The last channel can then be used for a speaker in another room if desired.

Andersson R1 is packed with decoders for all sorts of home theater audio formats, such as Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX 6.1, DTS, DTS ES Discrete 6.1, DTS ES Matrix 6.1, DTS 96/24, DTS Neo6, and Dolby ProLogic IIx. Andersson R1 has thereby integrated decoders for all today's current 5.1 and 6.1 sound system. With Dolby Digital EX and DTS-ES, you can enjoy digital multichannel audio from a DVD and listen to audio with six speakers, plus a subwoofer. You can also convert stereo audio to multichannel audio using either Dolby ProLogic IIx or DTS Neo: 6th With these systems, you can take the audio from the TV, VCR or other stereo sources and transform it into a signal for all speakers in the room.

Radio section in the receiver has RDS and 50 program memory for FM and AM bands. It also has a high sensitivity, which makes it possible to take into stations even if no signal conditions are the best.

With all these nice specifications follow too many opportunities with all the inputs and outputs that are needed to make the unit fully expandable. There are plenty of connectivity options for connecting various sources such as TV, DVD, VCR, computer, cassette, etc. SACD and DVD-Audio ready thanks to the wide frequency range and 7.1 input.

Andersson L1 / 02 6.1
Powerful speaker package with a stylish design and superior sound characteristics, perfect for both home cinema and music. A delight for ear and eye!

Andersson L1 is a very stylish and great sounding 6.1-channel speaker set with amazing sound performance for both home theater and music reproduction. Thanks to its convenient size and elaborate design in silver they blend into any room.

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