Deck Bang&Olufsen Beocord 5000 cu Telecomanda

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Deck Bang&Olufsen Beocord 5000 cu Telecomanda: usita motorizata, HxPro, Dolby b,c, intrare microfon, Full digital, functioneaza si arata OK.

Specifications: Compact Cassette C46-C60-C90-C120
Tape head M&X
Recording system HX PRO
Noise reduction system Dolby B and C
Tape switch auto ferro/chrom/metal

Wow and flutter: < +/- 0.13%
Speed deviation: < +/- 1.5%
Fast forward and rewind: 100 sec

Frequency range chrome: 30 - 18,000 Hz +/- 3dB

Signal-to-noise ratio CCIR/ARM
Metal Dolby NR > 56 dB TDK-MA
Chrome > 56 dB TDK-SA
Ferro > 55 dB BASF LH I

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