Amplificator Arcam AVR 100

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Amplificator Arcam AVR 100: 7 intrari, 5 iesiri, impedanta 4-16 ohmi, ventilator incorporat, intrare 5.1, mufe aurite, Cambridge United Kingdom, bass, inalte, digital surround, dolby digital, prologic, radio cu RDS, EON, PTY, memorii, source direct, senzor telecomanda, foarte greu. Stare foarte buna de functionare!

The Arcam AVR100 surround sound receiver features Dolby Digital and DTS as well as Dolby Pro Logic decoding and high quality composite and S-Video switching on four video sources. The FM/AM tuner section includes RDS and allows you to store up to 30 favourite stations on FM and 10 on AM

The provided input and output connections are probably enough for most home theater setups, but anyone with a pretty complicated rig will find the facilities a bit limited. There are four A/V inputs, two of them with VCR loops and three with S-video capability. Additionally, there are three audio inputs, including one tape loop and one 5.1-channel input that can be used for new formats like DVD-Audio. There's also a set of 5.1-channel preamp outputs. Arcam makes the point that all of their amplifiers are power- and phase-matched, so the 5.1-channel output allows for an easy upgrade to a biamplified setup, which is useful considering the rather modest power available. Digital inputs are limited to coaxial for the satellite and DVD inputs and Toslink for the VCR loop with S-video.

The speaker connectors are a bit unusual in that they're designed to meet the stringent European CE specifications, which ban banana plugs because some bureaucrat thought kids might stick them into the wall outlet.

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