Tuner Kenwood KT 990 D

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  Tuner Kenwood KT 990 D: afisaj mare, JogSystem, DLLD, senzor level, auto stereo/mono, Active reception, nezgariat, culoare neagra, functioneaza si arata foarte bine, made in Japan.


Manufacturer: Kenwood
Model: KT-990 D
Year of construction: 1988-1990
Made in: Japan
Color: Black
Remote control: no
Power consumption: 20 W
Dimensions: 440 x 78 x 331 mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 4.0 kg
Original price: 700.- DM (RRP)


Number of outputs: 1
(Cinch - RCA jacks)
Number of inputs: 2
FM (VHF) 75 ohm coaxial connection for roof antenna or cable connection.
AM antenna connection for medium wave reception.

Technical specifications

Antenna impedance: 75 ohms and 300 ohms
Receiving frequency: 87.5 ... 108 MHz
Input sensitivity: 0.95 μV / 10.8 dBf
Mono: 1.8 μV / 16.2 dBf
Stereo: 24.0 μV
Distortion factor:?
Noise ratio:
Mono: S / N 26 dB, 40 kHz Stroke: 0.7 μV
Stereo: S / N 46 dB, 46 kHz Stroke: 25.0 μV
Selectivity +/- 300 kHz NARROW: 75 dB
Spurious wave suppression (98 MHz): 102 dB
Input sensitivity: 10 μV (250 μV / m)
RDS: No.
Station memory: 20

Special features

2 IF bandwidths (Wide / Narrow)
RF Bandwidth Switching (Direct / Distance)
Automatic signal reconciliation "Active Reception"
Field strength display with 3 x 5 segments
Test tone generator for recording calibration

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