Boxe Vintage LK Model 4100

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Boxe Vintage LK Model 4100: pe 3 cai, bass compresie, diametru bass 2x23 cm, 4 difuzoare, plase de protectie nedetasabile, impedanta 4 ohmi, putere 50W, made in Germany, dimensiuni H=65cm, L=35cm, A=20cm. Poze reale.

Country: germany
Manufacturer / Brand: Elac Electroacoustic GmbH; keel
Year: 1971-1974
HiFi loudspeaker box LK 4100

3-way system with 4 speakers, powerful bass reproduction through two different 245 mm woofers, Heco PCH245 and ITT LPT245. Oval center tweeter 180 x 130 mm, dome tweeter Philips AD 0160 / T4. In the early catalogs, a cone tweeter 70mm (as in the previous model LK 4000) is erroneously stated.

Frequency range 20 - 20,000 Hz, transfer frequency of the diverter 700 / 5,000 Hz, impedance 4,5 Ω at 150 Hz, volume of the box approx. 42 l, self-resonance approx. 60 Hz, available in "walnut" or "varnish, old white".

The load capacity is given very differently. In the 1971 catalog with "suitable for receiver 4100T" (music power switchable 2 x 65 or 2 x 30 watts) in HiFi Yearbook 1972 with rated power 50 watts and on the nameplates of the boxes with maximum load capacity 40 watts, later boxes 50 watts.

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