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Boxe Revox Agora B

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Boxe Revox Agora B pe 3 cai, 4 difuzoare, bass reflex, diametru bass 2x20cm, bass suspensie din cauciuc, plase protectie (lipsa o parte din plasa la o boxa), culoare maro, incinta din lemn masiv, transformator toroidal, 200 W consum din retea, reglaje bass, inalte, bass blend, suna foarte bine.
Incinte foarte grele, dimensiuni H=73 cm, L=42 cm, A=42 cm.


Power bandwidth : 4Hz...42Khz (DIN 45500)
Frequency response : 30Hz...21Khz (-3dB)
THD : 0,5% max. (max., 86dP SPL)
1% (max., 96dB SPL)
SPL : 110dB (at 2m, in a 100m3 room with 0,4s reverb)
Drivers : 2x 20cm bass (2x 1,25T / 2x 612µWb)
1x 12cm mid (1,2T / 392µWb)
1x 1,9cm high (1,9T / 349µWb)
Crossover : 200Hz (14 or 17dB/octave)
3,7Khz (17 or 24dB/octave)
PC : 2W in sleep mode
200W max
Dimensions : 42 x 72,5 x 42cm
Weight : 31kg.
Inputs : 0,775V / 47kOhm (preamp in)
4V / 1,2kOhm (power amp in)
Bass control : 0 / -2 / -4 / -6dB at 45Hz
Treble control : +2 / 0 - / -2 / -4dB at 10Khz
Automatic power on : 1mV (pre amp inputs)
6mV (power amp inputs)
Automatic power off : 4 minutes (±1 minute)
A 3-way/4-drivers active pair o' boxes of the... rare kind.

From Revox's last actively successful period, made to be powered by the B252 version of the B251 integrated amp or used in passive mode with the B251. Probably as expensive as a new 300SL motor, this, however, was Revox's small set !

Powered by 3 separate 100W amps, with the two bass drivers working with a resonator and the bass power amp compensating for the impedance variations of the moving coils.

The mid driver is the main man, spreading its response over 4 octaves and accompanied by aneddy-current magnet system correcting for distortion. The high driver is made of Titanium.
I believe the "bass blend" knob is to change the slopes of the network.

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