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Amplificator * RCS VLA 120 C

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Amplificator RCS VLA 120 C: PUBLIC ADRESS, 5 intrari, multiple reglaje, ventilator incorporat, manere, poze reale.

The „VARIO-LINE“ amplifier and microphone system permits the switching of up to 5 speaker zones and of the all-call function as well as the setting of the desired volume for each zone from the central unit. The amplifier can be used with any microphone, but has been optimized for the use with the „VARIO-LINE“ microphone stations VLM-100A, VLM-105 (digital remote control of the speaker zones) and VLM-205 (digital remote control of the speaker zones and the DM-10 digital announcement module).
Inputs 1 - 3 can be switched to MIC or LINE. The respective volume as well as treble and bass are controlled separately and always have priority over LINE-IN.
All MIC inputs have gain control and switchable phantom power. The priority switches define the priority of the inputs.
The MIC inputs are balanced on combo sockets. MIC-1 is additional on RJ-45 socket. The LINE inputs are via RCA sockets.
The amplifier is equipped with an automatic DC fan as well as with all required protective devices such as overload and overheating protection as well as soft start.
The AMP-IN and PRE-OUT sockets allow cascading of further amplifiers. The 5 output circuits may also be used for this purpose after they have been modified (0 dB control).
The amplifier operates on mains power (230 V) or 24 V DC (emergency power supply).
The unit is also equipped with an electronic 2-tone chime (4-tone chime optional), an electronic siren (high-low, switchable to alarm sound) and a telephone paging system (Line-in with priority); all these signals can be controlled separately on the front panel of the unit.
A special feature of all the models of this series is the option for integrating a sound source module into the unit. An empty compartment is provided for the installation of an additional module.
Technichal data


Output power

120 W RMS (max. 180 W)

Frequency resp., noise level

50 Hz – 18.000 Hz (better than -3 dB), MIC better than 70 dB, LINE better than 80 dB


better than 1% bei 1 kHz


MIC/LINE 1– 3: -50 dBu (2.45 mV), 5 kohms, balanced

MIC/LINE 1– 3: -10 dBu (245 mV), 5 kohms, balanced

LINE 4 – 5: -10 dBu (245 mV), 15 kohms, unbalanced

TEL-PAGING: -10 dBu (245 mV), 10 kohms, electr. balanced

REMOTE-MIC: -50 dBu (2.45 mV), 5 kohms, unbalanced

AMP-IN: 0 dBu (775 mV), 10 kohms, unbalanced


REC-OUT: 0 dBu (775 mV), 3 kohms, unbalanced

PRE-OUT: 0 dBu (775 mV), 100 ohms, unbalanced


100 V or 70 V and 4 ohms low-impedance

Controller steps: 100 V – 70 V – 50 V – 25 V – 12.5 V – 8.9 V on 5 zones and all-call

Two- or Fourtone chime

volume can be set on the front panel, chime type switchable by jumper


continuous tone or high-low, can be set on front panel

Telephone paging

can be set on the front panel (night ringer also adjustable)

Phantom power

on all MIC inputs (combo-socket for XLR and 6,3 mm jack)

Treble and bass controls

on the front panel, seperately for inputs 1 - 5 and audio source module


on the front panel for inputs 1 – 3


can be separately for MIC 1 – 3 on the rear

Power supply

230 V mains (50/60 Hz) and 24 V DC (emergency power supply)

Power consumption

350 W

1/8-0,8 A – rated-1.8 A

Dimensions W x H x D / Weight

483 x 133 x 352 mm; approx. 13,0 kg


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