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Pick up Denon DP 23 F: culoare neagra, Direct Drive, full automatic, size 30/17, speed 33/45, Quartz Lock, repeat on/off, Cueing, Antiskating, Greutatea nu este cea originala, doza si ac originale DL 80 MC, nu detin capacul de protectie, made in Japan.


Manufacturer: Denon
Model: DP-23 F
Year of construction: 1989 -?
Made in: Japan
Color: black,
Power consumption: 7 W
Dimensions: 434 x 105 x 360 mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 5 kg
Original price approx .: 495, - DM (RRP, condition: 1989)


Outputs: 1x cinch cable, 1x ground

Technical specifications

Drive: direct drive, servo-controlled
Motor: DC motor
Speed: 33.33 / min, 45 / min
Fluctuation fluctuations: <0.02% (WRMS)
Rump sound distance:> 75 dB
Turntable: 30 cm; aluminum
Operating mode: fully automatic
Tonearm: Denon, dynamically balanced, straight tonearm tube
Overall length:
Length of pivot point - point: 220 mm
offset angle:
Overhang pickup: 16 mm
Overhang counterweight:
permissible pickup weights: 4 - 9 g
inert mass of the arm:
Adjustment range for the application weight: 0 - 30 mN
Height adjustment:
Cable capacity:
Pickup: Denon DL-80 (MC-HO)

Special features

electronically controlled tonearm
Operation via push buttons
Plate diameter selectable for automatic operation

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